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Day 10 - What's Left to DO?

I think about this question constantly. I feel like I could do more. Contribute more.  Make a difference.  Generally, I'm extremely inpatient.  I don't what to wait for everyone to agree. I can't wait for a critical mass.

So what's left to do? More than I could ever hope to capture in this blog post. But, I'm working and thinking and collaborating with as many people as I can that are willing to do amazing work. That are willing to do what students need in order to succeed. Because the work we do is about each individual student having a better future. Because when we empower each individual to be better, do better, we improve the world, our society.

So what's left to do? Modernize our system of education so that every teacher and student has access to the same systems that are available at your local Starbucks. To create a responsive system of education that allows students to move through the learning when they are ready, not when the calendar says so.

So what's left to do? Save the world. That's all I seek to do. I know it's arrogant. I know it's not realistic, but I am hopeful that it's possible. That we can act now to impact tomorrow. But, what's required is a mindset that our turf battles don't really matter, that titles aren't important, and that the only thing that is remembered is the impact we leave behind us.

The hope that we have right in our grasp is that we, classroom teachers, possess the ability to make these changes, today. WE don't have to wait for permission. WE can do what's best for our students. WE can change the world overnight.

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