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What I Read

Disclaimer: I don't like to read about Education but I read to be educated.

My reading selections seem to be rather varied but typically EVERYTHING that I read helps me be a better human. Whether it's fiction or nonfiction, my goal is get more information, a clearer understanding, better questions to ask, about the human condition. I'm convinced that my ability to better understand what makes all of us human makes me a better teacher, makes me a better person.

What I just finished was Erik Larson's newest book, Dead Wake. It's a beautiful and powerful recount of the sinking of the Lusitania.  I was relatively ignorant of many of the details, but Mr. Larson does such an amazing job of weaving together personal stories, historical context, and global implications. It's amazing how many assumptions, indecision, and names history has forgotten that played into this tragedy. 

While this book has nothing to do with Education, I always read with my "teacher" perspective. I always search for relevance to my life and experience and how the content of a book helps me better understand these experiences.  It's not the content that makes me want to read or not read a book, but instead what insights are here that will better help me understand the human condition. I'm convinced that the gaps and problems in Education aren't problems of money (even though that would help) or manpower (even though that may help as well) but instead are directly linked to our inability to understand how "being human" helps be better people.

Some of my favorite authors are Mary Roach, Sam Kean, Erik Larson, and many, many others.

Who are your go to authors for understanding the human condition?


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