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 Ideally, our students would have the capability to adapt to the Leatherman tool, the iPhone, or the 3-D printer, but we must begin now by making sure that we as educators understand that the end game isn't to have students master a set of blueprints that aren't adaptable to our ever-changing world.

Shifting the Classroom Paradigm

It listens. The heart isn’t the engine. It isn’t in charge.  The heart is a sensory organ. All of this thinking takes me back to Steiner’s larger point, “to improve and make true progress”.  

That’s when I realized that this paradigm impacts the classroom. What kind of heart do you view yourself as a teacher?  Are you the pump? The engine? Pushing blood out to the cells. Delivering nutrients?  

If WE, as educators, call our experiences and classrooms, trenches and frontlines, how is the greater community supposed to understand our work?  

If WE, view ourselves in a battle, how does that subconsciously impact the way we work with students?  

If WE, see ourselves digging in, how are we supposed to inspire and uplift?