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ECET2-San Diego


Welcome to my first blog entry and what I hope becomes a gathering place for educational professionals all over the world to "work on the work" together for the betterment of students everywhere.   

Affirmation.  Enthusiasm.  Appreciation.  Professionalism.  Inspiration. 

It's not often that I attend a professional education conference and walk away with these emotions.  Typically we are speeding through our days, heads down, eyes on the road, just trying to get to the next day.  I was fortunate enough to experience ECET2 in San Diego at the end of February.  You may be asking, what is ECET2?  And I have been asked that very question by many of my colleagues.  In short, it stands for Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching.  This conference brought together some of the smartest, most passionate, and inspiring educators I've ever had the pleasure of working.  It reminded me why I became an educator.

Often times, we as educators need this recharging.  We need to focus on our calling.  Why we decided to become teachers.  Not only did we hear reminders of the important role we play in the world and directly in students' lives, but also how we have an obligation to lift-up the profession in a way that hasn't happened in recent times.  The perception of the teaching profession falls squarely on the shoulders of the individuals working in the classroom everyday.  ECET2 reminded me, and fair to say all the attendees, that we each have a voice.  That each of us make a choice every day how we use that voice.  We can either muffle and distort our voice, or rise up and create a profession that attracts the best and the brightest. 

As this blog grows, I hope to share specifics of my experience at ECET2, my daily work with students, teachers and school districts.  I hope to connect with other educational professionals to "work on the work" together.  I hope that as states continue to adopt and implement the Common Core Standards that teachers will use each other as resources to improve student achievement.  I hope that each of you use  your voice to elevate and celebrate this amazing profession we have all choosen!


The Voice in our Heads