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The Voice in our Heads

I think we have all had experiences like the one Chris shared below.  Moments when the resonance of our collective purpose re-energizes us as individuals.   The buzz of potential energy quiets the drone demands of our day-to-day - if only for a moment - and in that moment we hear our voice.  Teachers calling out in chorus to say we are a community of professionals and are ready to meet the challenges of the next generation of classrooms.

So, we want to take this a step further.  We want to transfer that potential energy into kinetic energy.  Into action.  Into movement.

We are hoping this blog (and twitter chats) will become a sounding board.  In one way, amplifying the coherent voice of teaching professionals across the state.  In another, providing a place for us to bring our diverse experience together and harmonize.  Chris and I will be sharing the work and are hoping that you will ask better questions than ours, refine what's here and share your ideas. 

We'll be talking about the whats and hows of teaching CCSS, getting our hands dirty with MDC and LDC, and reflecting on how we make the magic happen a little better every day.


Effectiveness, Reflection, and Critique...oh my!

ECET2-San Diego