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April 1st- Are you where you thought you'd be?

Definitely not.  And I'm so very glad.

Before I was a teacher, I would never have predicted how much I didn't know about what it means to be a person.  My students have taught me - as much as I let them - about the human experience by honoring me with their curiosity, questions, their thoughts, their own narratives.   In the fog of my early 20's, I knew I was becoming a teacher because I was interested in learning.  I'm so happy now to know that the learning was as much my own as the students.

Before I became a parent, I would have never predicted how much it would change me as a teacher, and also how little would change.

Before I became an instructional coach, I would have never predicted I would learn so much from my colleagues.  I wanted to impact students outside of my own classroom, but instead was taught about what it means to be collaborative.  I didn't know how important it is to reflect with other people.  To open my own learning to the learning of other professionals.

I haven't taken a path in my career that I could have predicted years, sometimes even months, occasionally days before my place and role changes.  But this leaves me even more excited about the places and people I am yet to meet.  More inspired to seek out the learning I don't quite see yet from where I stand.

Day 2 - Impacting Someone Else's Tomorrow

Day 1 - Are You Where You Thought You'd Be?