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April 5th - This Idea must die

I don't believe that just because ideas are tenacious that means they are worthy.

More so, sometimes we have to let go of something we "know" in order to grow.  Isn't that learning?  To revise your understanding of the world?

My idea that MUST die is "I do, We Do, You do."  My complaint certainly isn't the first one filed against this longstanding pillar of the instructional strategy community.  Simultaneously revered and reviled, its the King Pin of organized classroom crime.  The charges against it have been raised by many teachers and researchers, as narrated in this article by Elizabeth Green,  It epitomizes the classroom model where the teacher is the sole authority of the knowledge and where students mimic and memorize through repetition a skill without understanding.

Many thinkers smarter than I have tried to reclaim the streets.  We could, as Dr.  Shannon suggests, change the verb.  I set the stage, we collaborate and sense make, you show us what you know.   In this case, the teacher frames the lesson with sharing an idea, but the classroom together develops meaning from this start.  For example, instead of starting with a demonstration of how to solve a particular equation, working examples for the class, then them practicing, a teacher might start with the question.  Is (insert equation) always, sometimes or never true?

Another common revision is to change the order.  You do, we do, we do, we do, I do, we do some  more, maybe I do a little, you do again.  This model makes an important shift in where the learning begins.  By engineering an opportunity for all students to engage in the task from their own entry point, the students and the teacher can grow the learning more efficiently and intentionally, honoring what the students bring to the table.

Perhaps its both, a change in order and a change in verb.  Something more like:
You Ask, We Wonder, We answer, you defend, We reflect, You ask, We ask some more....


 ***important note here: I have not always felt so.  My previously close relationship with Mr. Dos was a long one and I only speak from experience now of how hard it is to let go.***


Day 5 - This Idea that Must Die

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