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April 4th -

The time we have with our students may seem short - 180 days.  But to them, this is their lives.  We have the unique gift of sharing this much of each of their childhoods.  How do we honor that?

I'm so inspired by teachers who recognize that while we are sometimes busy preparing them for "real life" they are busy really living theirs. Their lives don't begin when they leave with a mortar board and certificate.  They are shaping their communities and worlds from before the moment they first sit criss-crossed on our carpets. 

So, I'm seeking out stories of teachers and students who are changing the world from the classroom.  People like Maggie and her students that developed an app for the blind.  Or Nathan who believes his students will save his city. 

How do you honor what your kids can do today to shape their own tomorrows?

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